MCN AHREND is an experienced project design company - a competent
partner for industry and private customers together with its international
associates. It is an economically independent middle class company in
Germany with its head office located in SIEDELSBRUNN, GERMANY.
The firm MCN AHREND is selling off used turbines, boilers, generators,
power plants and biomass plants.
The key markets are in Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Mid East,
Western Europe, and South Asia.
MCN AHREND services including installation, commissioning, project
engineering and also decommissioning of power plants.
For its customers MCN AHREND is committed to the assistance of
searching for affordable energy, energy machines and equipment. MCN
AHREND is also involved in meeting the future energy technologies
requirements for the customer to management a very cost effective way in
energy equipment.
History and Description
MCN AHREND was founded in 1987 as a specialized German company
for all activities in consulting in the area of used energy machines and
equipment systems. Through many relations to Governments of South
Asian countries the MCN AHREND company got many inquiries for new
technologies and for possibilities to supply secondhand Power Plants,
which had been shut down in Europe.
That brought the MCN AHREND into the field of ENERGY about 20
years ago, and could gain a lot of experience in the relocation of small,
middle sized and big Power Stations.